Alex Kuby

Tadao Ando: Ichigoni 152

Hilton Wenchang

This Hilton development in South-East Asian was the first resort project I ever worked on at HBA. It was a significant learning experience as being part of a relatively young and small design team ensured exposure to every aspect of the project.

Our design directive bolsters a story of Wenchang’s historical riches while it weaves in a modern aesthetic to achieve a relaxed, yet playful experience. This narrative speaks to the passing of time as it relates to the constant relationship between local culture and the sea. We focused intently on the coupling of local craft with modern resort sophistication to join the constants of ocean, land, and tradition, with the inherent transience of occupancy.

Check out Hilton’s page for the hotel.

Indigo Hotel – Metropolis LA

Here is a bit of an update on what had been going on in my tiny little corner of HBA. If you live in or drive by downtown Los Angeles, you know that the Metropolis development is well on its way. For the past several months, I have been working on the hospitality element of the massive, $1 Billion development.

In contrast to most of my other work at the firm, this project has offered me a heavy dose of technical experience in the design-build and construction administration aspects of a domestic project. Working with Gensler, Webcor Builders, Rosendin Electric, ACCO Engineering Systems, Pan-Pacific MechanicalAECOM, and many others to serve Greenland USA continues to be a great pleasure.

Check out the Metropolis website for more information on the project.

Questions of Perception: Phenomenology of Architecture

It took me a while, but on my flight back from Chicago, I finally got to read this short collection of essays authored by Steven Holl, Alberto Perez-Gomez, and Juhani Pallasmaa. This new edition of the A+U 1994 special issue brings back arguably one of the most important treatises on architectural theory in recent years. These three separate essays are thematically linked: each one tries to explain the role that human perception and phenomenological experience play in architecture.

The authors take the position that, unlike the critic and philosopher, the architect must embrace the contradictions between perception and logic, the slippage between architectural intention and realization, and the unpredictability of the future’s judgment upon the acting present….

Here is where you can purchase the book and Amazon.

Our Boutique Hotel on Sunset Blvd.

Working at HBA has offered me one wonderful opportunity after the other. Most recently, I have been part of a team of brilliant designers collaborating on one of the most experientially focused, responsive, and interactive buildings imaginable. Now that the development package is public, I can share with you some of the initial images.

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