Alex Kuby

iMAX Hubble 2010 Orion Nebula

Inverted Space

Here is a little art study that I am just beginning. It is very simple yet I am finding myself quite passionate about the end products. The concept behind inverted space is to take some of the most spectacular images of far away places that I already know very little about, and change the way I perceive them. Let me know what you think!

TECH Tuesday – Robert Babicz 1hr Promo Mix 2012

Robert Babicz’s art crosses from music to film. He captures everything he does on film (motion and stills) to create a picture track for his music.

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Melodic Monday – Guy J 1hr Mix

You may recognize the name Guy J from his guest mix on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Radio last week. He describes his sound as “Straddling the lively, timeless space between ambient, house, techno and electronica he constantly maintains a melodic and highly emotive core to his music.” Give it a listen and see what you think.

1. Pedro Aguiar – You should have known (Max Cavalerra mix)
2. Gui Boratto – This is not the end (Ame mix)
3. Adeline – Love handles you (Camea mix)
4. Metrodive – Un Voyage Dans Ma Chambre
5. Dougles Greed Ft. Delhia de France – Shiver (Ruede Hagelstein mix)
6. Derek Howell – Double Down (Poison Pro mix)
7. Guy J – Rose
8. Guy J – Genesis
9. Ramon Tapia – Pill pill (Mathias Kaden mix)
10. Guy J – Fixation

Oscar Niemeyer 1907-2012

Last week on the 5th of December, the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer passed away. Passing 10 days before his 105th birthday, he leaves behind a large collection of built work that will continue to be studied and admired long after we are all gone.

WAN has a brief article that is worth a quick read. If that gets you curious, you can read a lot more about him on his Wikipedia page.


Here is a small gallery of his work: